Golf outfit. The principles of selection and features


The list of items included in the Golf equipment, is becoming increasingly long as the market is fulfilled with new goods. Some of them are quite useful. Bags for Golf first appeared and began to be widely used about 1870. Now Golf bags play an important role, it is unlikely that one will be allowed on the Golf course without a bag. Golf bags are available with zips at the ends and are used to store valuables. It is advisable to purchase a bag with a shoe compartment that can be stored separately from clothing.

Covers for Golf clubs can be manufactured from vinyl, fabric, leather or sheepskin. Even sheepskin is more expensive, it is much better than the other options because it is waterproof and breathable, which prevents moisture inside. Covers are great in order to keep the set intact.

Most players use carts or electric varieties. When dealing with a cart that requires pulling efforts, it is better to check how small it is after folding, and then think about whether to remove the bag from the cart, before folding it and place in the car. One should check not only the weight of the truck, but in what direction it is pushed. In order for the truck to be comfortable, it needs to be well balanced — regardless of whether to pull it or to push.

During competitions it is important not only to follow the rules, but to comply with the general dress code. Many clubs are liberal to the appearance of the players, but in some private clubs golfers wear the stitched uniform with a unique color and cut. Men need to play Golf in a classic Polo shirt and pants. The shirt sleeves can be either short or long. Women should wear a similar outfit, but according to the rules they are allowed to choose sleeveless Polo. If the season is sunny and hot, men are allowed to play in simple, classic shorts, while women can play in shorts or neatly tailored skirt to the knees.

Often the game takes many hours. In hot weather, it is important to care about head to save it from sunstroke. One can choose a baseball cap with a long visor or a hat with a wide brim, giving the opportunity to protect the eyes from bright sunlight. It is also much more comfortable to play Golf in sun glasses.

The shirt should be tucked in, and the belt on shorts, skirt or pants should be for sure. It is not allowed to enter the course without special shoes. Golf shoes used to overcome tens of kilometers over rough terrain in damp, heat, sand, grass, asphalt and dirt. Requirements for the Golf shoes must meet the above conditions. The shoes may have a corrugated sole, and according to the rules, there may be spikes, which may not harm the lawn. Socks must be the same color as pants, but if the athlete is playing in shorts, it is better to give preference to white or light brown socks. Players wishing to dispel all doubts about his outfit can contact to consultants in specialized shops selling goods for Golf.