Golf: two important questions


Over the 500 years of its existence, golf has conquered more than 100 million fans around the world. By playing golf, everyone can find their peace of mind and a lot of time spent outdoors in nature.

Many ask two main questions that interest them. Let’s figure it out.

1. Why do golf balls have dimples? Let’s start right away with the fact that dimples are needed to improve the aerodynamics of golf balls. If you hit the balls (smooth and with dimples) with the same force, then the latter will fly twice as far. When this was noticed, smooth golf balls were abandoned.

Two factors influence the aerodynamic resistance of balls:

  • The difference in pressure between the front and back of the ball during flight;
  • Friction of the ball on the air.

To improve the aerodynamics of an object, it is necessary to increase the pressure that occurs behind. The best option for this is to change the shape of the body to teardrop, but in our case this is not suitable. But dimples solve the problem.

2. How to clean golf grips? You can’t be the next Tiger Woods if you play golf with dirty clubs. It is important that these clubs and grips are clean. And there is a slightly less important fact: dirty clubs can affect your consistency and, ultimately, your result.

However, for a more thorough cleaning of the club, you should follow these steps. You can use these instructions to clean just one club, or save time and clean the entire bag at once.

  • Start the water;
  • Let the club soak;
  • Rub your golf club;
  • Flush the club again;
  • Dry and wipe it one more time.

To minimize the amount of club cleaning required, simply wipe the clubs with a damp cloth or cleaning cloth after each use.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels