PGA tour and considerable Championships of Golf


If to speak about main professional Golf contests, the list of them includes: The Masters Tournament, the U.S. Open, the Open Championship of UK and the Championship of the professional golfers Association (PGA Championship).

The Masters Tournament is the primary of main competitions of Golf and is similar to the «Grand slam” tournament in tennis. Every year it is held on the course of the National Golf union of the American city of Augusta (GA). Since 1949, the winner is given a prize of a green jacket which must be given back to Augusta National a year after his victory. Jacket stays as his own property and is kept with the coats of other winners in a special dressing room. Lunch of Champions, which was submitted by Ben Hogan in 1952, is organized on Tuesday before every tour and is available only for previous champions and some representatives of Augusta National.

The U.S. Open Championship is an open Golf Contest, which is coordinated in the United States. It stays on the second place in the line of main Golf competitions and is added to the legitimate schedule of the PGA Tour and European Tour. The sporting event is managed by the American Golf Association in the middle of June. Sporting program is picked out so that the final match should be held on the third Sunday, when the U.S. celebrate Father’s Day, (shifts are possible due to the weather). The U.S. Open is played on various courses that are prepared in a way when passing of them is becoming complicated and the advantage receives the golfers, with good precision swings.

The Open Golf Championship of Great Britain is the original Golf competition. It is systematized by the Association of companies R&A, which organizes all the sporting matches outside the United States and Mexico. This Championship is arranged every twelve months on the courses of England or Scotland. Only one time in 1959 it was organized in Northern Ireland. Since 1980 the Open Contest is held at weekends, beginning with the third Friday of July. Previously, from 1966 to 1979, the Championship started on Wednesday, and the last day of competitions took place on Saturdays.

The PGA Tour is the coordinator of the leading men professional Golf tours in the United States and North America, containing its flagship tour, which is also known as the PGA tour. It arranges most of the competitions, like Champions tour (for golf players of 50 years and over, already known as the Senior PGA Tour) and the national tour (for professional golfers who have not yet gotten the certification in order to take part in the PGA Tour). Its headquarters is located in Florida. Golf was included in the program of the Olympic games in 2016, before that, Golf was the participant of the Olympic Games only 2 times (in 1900 and 1904).