The History of Golf is a fascinating thing


It is a game that has survived and thrived for centuries. When someone says the history of golf, this is what comes to mind. It is not just one game, but many that have been played around the world. You can see the history of golf in all the different areas where it has been played.

The history of golf in North America is very well known. You can go to Canada and visit the first courses that were built to play golf. This was the period of the Native Americans when they were introduced to the game of golf. They were well versed in the game and started playing in different areas as well as clubs. Over time the game spread across the continent and soon became a very popular sport. The Native Americans brought a lot of their traditional knowledge with them and adapted this into the game. While the game of golf has had its ups and downs in the United States and Canada, it is a constant and ever-present part of our society.

The history of golf in Europe is very different. Golf was once the game of the nobility and only the elite could play it. However, the game slowly spread out and was introduced to the general public.

Image by Markus Spiske from Pixabay