The rules of play in Golf


Today the rules of Golf approved by two of the most authoritative Golf organizations on the planet: USGA (United States Golf Association) and R&A Rules Ltd. (a company created on the base of the Royal Ancient community of St. Andrews). A new publication of “Golf Rules” is issued once in four years and includes three categories (etiquette and regulations of conduct on the course, definitions, 34 rules); applications, concerning regional rules of competition, equipment; and rules that define the status of amateur. These are some examples of rules that are applied for Golf.

All along the competition golfer can use not less than two and not more than fourteen types of clubs. During the game participants have to pass a fixed number of holes (usually eighteen) in a sequential order. The hole may be referred to as a hole in the ground and stand for games. Commonly, it consists of: the site “tee” (“target”) — starting zone, fairway (“forward direction”) — main area and lawn, or green, — a special platform with a cut-out hole.

To start a game the identified ball is placed on the starting tee. The best option for a player is if he first gets on the fairway, spend a few strokes and enters the green area, which, due to the perfect grass, lets the ball roll without interference. For the green game golfers use a special type of club — putter. The game starts with a golf club- wood, which is characterized by a massive head and the angle of the impact plane from seven to fifteen degrees, which allows it to send the ball three hundred meters. Iron golf club is used, if a swing is aimed at more than short distances. The angle of inclination of the plane measured from fifteen to forty-five degrees. Each club is given a number, and the larger the number, the greater the angle of inclination is.

Etiquette is part of the traditions in Golf. It is also important for security in the game. The basic rules of etiquette on the course are:

— one cannot move during the game;

— the golfer must respect the player in the back and try not to detain him in the game. If he loses a ball, he can skip a player from behind, giving him a sign;

— the player always must try to be punctual at the tee;.

— he must always restore the divot after impact;

— bunker needs to be smoothed in a good way with the help of rake or golf club in order to clean up the foot prints;

— while playing on the green it isn’t allowed to cross the line of putt of another player;

—marking of the ball must be carried out by coin or marker.

Golf is considered to be an aristocratic game and it has its etiquette. It includes rules of conduct on the course and concern about its condition. Etiquette is not an official rulebook, but is an important part of the game.