The type of golf club and golf course


There are many models and types of Golf clubs. Each one is specially designed for every situation in the game. However, the rules of Golf say that the player’ bag cannot have more than 14 Golf clubs during the game.

Woods are clubs, which are designed for long swings. Such name they got due to the fact that previously, they were made of wood. Progress has moved forward and today the woods are made of titanium. The Driver — Wood No. 1 is a first club, with the use of which the game starts. This club is designed for the long swings. The golfer may use it to send the ball 250 meters ahead. Hybrid is a type of club that can be used between woods and irons. Unlike woods, irons are now true to their name. They have almost flat head. Irons are divided into Irons No. 3 to No. 9 and wedge.

Irons No. 3 -No. 9 are identical clubs, where the only difference lies in the angle of the impact surface and the length of the rod. The iron No. 3 has the smallest angle, respectively, the ball flies away on a flat trajectory and after landing is still rolling on the field. While the iron No. 9 has the greater angle and the ball rises on a steep trajectory upwards, flying not far away, it falls and rolls a little, letting to stay near the hole.

Pitching wedge is a club with an even greater angle than the iron No. 9. It is used to overcome obstacles and for short swings on the green. Sand wedge, as the name implies, is a club that is suitable for knocking the ball from sand bunker.

Putter is a final and the shortest golf club, which is similar in shape to a hammer. It is possible to play with a putter only on the green — the area with very short grass and the hole. The putter is the only golf club, used in mini-Golf.

If to talk about the kinds of golf courses, the scope of a surface can vary from one to hundreds of hectares. All golf courses are covered with grass, which has different height at various areas that would impede the passage of a particular platform. The classification of courses points out the following categories: links, parkland, hitland fields. Links fields are the oldest and traditional Golf courses. Prototypes of the ancient courses of this type have been preserved to the present day — the greater number of them located in Scotland, England and Ireland. Links are usually situated near the sea, often in the middle of the dunes. These fields are almost without trees and have a small amount of water obstacles. Parklands are the fields that are away from the sea and resemble a huge lawn with lots of trees. The name “hitland” speaks about “desert land”. Golf courses of this type are on huge open areas with sandy soil, where shrubs grow. Such fields have fewer trees than Parklands.